About BenefisCU

Credit unions are seeking growth and expansion opportunities to remain competitive, increase margins and enhance the member experience. We created a solution.

No credit union currently offers Executive Benefits and Business Protection products to their communities. Why? Credit unions have not had access to the specialized talent and scale necessary to pursue advanced insurance solutions…until now.


BenefisCU was created with the goal of disrupting business as usual. Over the last ten years, credit unions have provided the for-profit, publicly traded brokerage firms with over $1 billion in commissions from advanced insurance sales such as Executive Benefits. We believe this type of for-profit vendor relationship with credit unions is inconsistent with the mission of the non-profit community and the credit union collaborative spirit. As financial institutions, credit unions are uniquely poised to benefit substantially from a partnership with BenefisCU.


BenefisCU is a Credit Union Service Organization powered by the expertise and resources of TriscendNP, who is celebrating over 20 years of delivering excellence in benefits and insurance in non-profit communities.

The BenefisCU business model is to provide a turnkey platform of advanced insurance solutions to credit unions and their members. BenefisCU will provide initial and ongoing training and support to credit union employees who interact with the target markets, and whose role is to simply identify potential leads and make an introduction to BenefisCU. From there, TriscendNP staff handles the entire process, including client education, financial modeling, quoting, under writing and product placement.


Executive Benefit Plans

The war on talent is formidable, and the lines between recruiting in the non-profit and for-profit world are regularly being crossed. Thoughtfully designed Executive Benefit Plans for your credit union executive team can mean the difference between retention and regret.

Through BenefisCU, Credit Unions now have the inside track on crafting and implementing affective and efficient executive benefit plans, for their own executives and for the executives of their business members.

Business Protection Plans

When leadership is the cornerstone of an organization’s success, leave no stone unturned. We help our credit union partners 1) assess and protect the needs of their business members in the event of a key person’s death or disability and 2) incent and reward business members’ key personnel in a competitive marketplace with retentive strategies and cost-effective plan designs.

Risk Management for Members

Offering insurance to your members is not a new idea. But, how well is it working? What we hear time and time again is that the traditional insurance marketing tactics to sell insurance to your members, often through third party vendors, is producing lack-luster results. The BenefisCU approach to life and disability insurance is a turnkey solution removing the traditional marketing barriers between you and your member and ensuring the discussion happens at the right time.