Beyond Business As Usual

For years, insurance ventures have been a widely accepted method of vertical expansion, but the most lucrative insurance opportunity has been overlooked…until now. Now Credit Unions can provide Executive Benefits for their top talent and Advanced Insurance Solutions for their members with BenefisCU.

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BenefisCU Products

BenefisCU executive benefits
Executive Benefit Plans
BenefisCU business protection
Business Protection Plans
BenefisCU risk management
Risk Management for Members

Credit Union partners will now be able to offer advanced insurance solutions to meet the recruitment, retention and risk management needs for themselves and their business members. Through a national collaboration with other credit unions, individual credit unions now have access to more specialized and member-centric products, as well as more favorable carrier commission structures across a continuum of insurance lines.

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  1. $2.1B Projected Return to Partner Organizations
  2. 150+ Combined Years of Financial Experience
  3. 100+ Organizations Served